COACH Site Visit Held

The core team members of WACA had our second site visit for our COACH training through the Healthy WI Leadership Institute on April 15. We focused on setting a few action items including details for our monthly conference calls (4th Wednesday at 1pm) as well as had a few ideas about setting up a listserv or two to help us enhance our communication efforts. So watch for more posts from all of our WACA core team members in the coming weeks! The topics will span anywhere from the individual coalition coordinator, to local community work, to WACA itself, to the Active Communities Stakeholder group, to the WI Obesity Prevention Initiative (or WOPN). 

We want to share our learning process with others across the state that are doing similar work. Why re-invent the wheel, right?  So we are hard at work to figure out a systemized way to do that (is systemized a word?) as well as create a way for local voices to be engaged in changing the system in which we operate, AND be a part of the decision-making process when it comes to prioritizes and actions we take to help make walking, biking and being active happen in more WI communities.

Oh, and don't forget the most important part! We want to be able to learn from each other in the work we do! That's the peer-to-peer learning network. Local coalition coordinators are a wealth of knowledge and sometimes we feel like we are out there all on our own. WACA is trying to change that, little by little.

Stay tuned for more activity from the WACA core team, this website and a new listserv (and potentially some exciting action items related to complete streets).

Thanks for sticking with us!