Statewide Prioritization Meeting Held March 17

Thank you so much to all who expressed interest and/or were able to attend a very productive meeting on March 17th! We were thrilled with thoughtful discussion, engaged participation and resulting next steps. The details below provide an overview of meeting outcomes. 

Meeting Summary
Background: First, we set the stage with background info on active communities, collective impact, and current opportunities and challenges for this work. This included a small group activity to look at what’s happening now and what we envision for the future. 

Prioritization: Next, we led the group through a series of voting and ranking activities to ‘sift’ through a range of potential long-term strategies that would be highly impactful and require a broad range of stakeholders working together to accomplish. The outcomes of the prioritization processes are right in line with WACA's priorities so we are excited to see where these conversations lead!