Wisconsin Walks!

Today is International Walk to School Day and schools across Wisconsin are participating! Over 120 schools to be exact! Search social media for #WalktoSchool or #WisconsinWalks for the latest happenings, pictures and events going on today.

In 1997, the Partnership for a Walkable America sponsored the first National Walk Our Children to School Day in Chicago. Since then, hundreds of thousands of kids across the country. Its become more than a one-day event as schools and community partners are working together to make it easier and safer for kids of all ages to walk and bike to school.

Speaking of walking, the US Surgeon General recently launched the Step it Up campaign to help make our communities more walkable and promote walking, recognizing the importance of physical activity for people of all ages and abilities.  This call to action asks Americans to be more physically active through walking and calls on the nation to better support walking and walkability. Improving walkability means that communities are created or enhanced to make it safe and easy to walk and that pedestrian activity is encouraged for all people.

WACA and our local and statewide partners are already working on many of the strategies prioritized by the call to action.  We are encouraged by the Surgeon General and by initiatives like Plan4Health through the American Planning Association. We know that how healthy you can be is partly influenced by how your community is designed. And we're working together to make it easier for everyone to walk, bike and be active!