Active Communities Framework


We created a simple framework to assist public health planners on their journey to build a more active community.  Click below to download individual fact sheets to get you started on our four recommended strategies. 


5 Items You Need to Succeed

  • A Coalition. A group made up of health, transportation, planning, zoning, economic development, parks and recreation, schools and others all working on Active Communities things

  • A Coordinator. A person to coordinate the Active Communities initiatives (could be paid person, full time, part time, or a volunteer initially). Ideally this coordination role is incorporated formally into someone's job, which can be housed anywhere: health, planning, parks, transportation, etc)

  • A Plan. A written guide to accomplishing your goals/objectives/activities.

  • A Communications Strategy.  Building awareness and engagement in your community is a crucial part of the effort.

  • Community Support. Residents that support creating an environment that makes biking/walking