What is an active community? 


A neighborhood, city, or county that explores opportunities to enable physical activity in the daily routine of its residents. It does this by designing the built environment, safety, and accessibility for ALL people, resulting in opportunities that improve health outcomes, transportation options, and social capital within the community.


How are they built? 


We've created a framework that outlines four proven strategies for building an active community. Not all strategies are required, but a comprehensive approach delivers the biggest public health impact. To learn more about the framework, let's Get Started →



Our Mission

WACA is an innovative alliance of local coalitions that collaborates with local and state stakeholders on strategies to create more Active Communities across Wisconsin.
Our role is to: 

  • Coordinate a peer-to-peer network where local communities receive and provide coaching, technical assistance and other learning opportunities among one another.

  • Serve as a bridge between local and state stakeholders, helping to align priorities and identify shared measures of success.

  • Serve as a champion to elevate local voices, priorities and successes.

  • Build a brand that invites communities to advance their work locally and contribute to a statewide movement that is homegrown in Wisconsin.


Alliance Members